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As an Inner Alchemist Jules is great with visual knowing and uses Planetary Forces and Inner Space Therapies for transformation and healing work which involves direct spiritual connection.

Jules is also a Third Eye Meditation teacher and has done years of work on subtle body building.  Her knowledge has breadth and depth after 24 years of practices and study with a spiritual teacher, which included mapping consciousness, angelic connection, inner vision, self-awareness and know how.  There is no doubt Jules walks the talk.
Personal sessions available include healing using Inner Space Therapies, varied astrology readings including Natal, Transits and Karma reports.  Workshops by arrangement for Third Eye Meditation activation.
Hats:  Sidereal Astrologer – 25 years experience, Counsellor, Regression and Past Life Therapist, Healer, with Reiki Master Attunement, Meditation Teacher, Intuitive, Writer, and ex-corporate professional.

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Coming from multiple disciplines, Junique’s career began in the medical arena as a Registered Nurse. As an empath, she was quick to observe that oftentimes mental/emotional suffering was more devastating than physical pain. This reality prompted her to return to school to earn a degree in Psychology, and a post-graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling. From there she ran a successful private practice for almost two decades, working with adults, adolescents and couples. She currently provides tele-sessions for referrals.

From childhood Junique has always been aware of the presence of unseen “forces” or energies that impact us, despite escaping scientific measurement. This led her to a deep dive into all things spiritual and para-psychological. She feels blessed to have had the opportunity to formally study metaphysics in her post-graduate work and has sought and had many life experiences that make her well-initiated in the “woo-woo” world. 

Determined to exercise as many of her aspects as possible, Junique also performed Standup Comedy during her 10 year stint in Manhattan, NY, producing and headlining many shows. You may well see hints of her sense of humor peppered throughout her presentations.

Junique’s current mission is clear: to awaken, stimulate, and educate our MK-Ultra’d/propagandized minds and encourage us to all “hold hands” as we discover the astounding truths long-withheld from us. As she has stated: “We must flex our physical, mental and spiritual muscles in preparation for building New Earth!”

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TikTok: @junique_perspective

Truth Social: @JuniquePerspective


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