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I am a conscious connector igniting and activating souls to their true soul essence. 

My mission is to assist humanity in this transitional time on Earth and the how is not to be known, planned, or plotted. I have surrendered to source/god to guide me so I may guide others.

As this is ever-evolving I have no interest in creating a limiting construct here so please observe videos as this is my current way of transmission.

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As an Inner Alchemist Jules is great with visual knowing and uses Planetary Forces and Inner Space Therapies for transformation and healing work which involves direct spiritual connection.

Jules is also a Third Eye Meditation teacher and has done years of work on subtle body building.  Her knowledge has breadth and depth after 24 years of practices and study with a spiritual teacher, which included mapping consciousness, angelic connection, inner vision, self-awareness and know how.  There is no doubt Jules walks the talk.
Personal sessions available include healing using Inner Space Therapies, varied astrology readings including Natal, Transits and Karma reports.  Workshops by arrangement for Third Eye Meditation activation.
Hats:  Sidereal Astrologer – 25 years experience, Counsellor, Regression and Past Life Therapist, Healer, with Reiki Master Attunement, Meditation Teacher, Intuitive, Writer, and ex-corporate professional.

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Chef Agathe  

Chef Agathe has been on the Living Cuisine for almost 20 years, 8 of which dedicated to her own café, Café by Tao. She’s thrilled to share her practical approach to this healthy lifestyle. Making Living Cuisine is beyond quick and easy. The benefits are endless; energy, mind clarity, cells regeneration, mood booster … so much more.

I teach you how to make this nutritious food. In no time, you will regain your energy deliciously and efficiently. Renew, restore, revitalize. Invest in your Health Saving Account!

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David Pilz 

David Pilz is a recognized spiritual leader and metaphysical instructor, stepping up to share his journey and unique teachings with an awakening humanity. Reiki Master Instructor, Starnation Bundje Carrier, Alchemist, Metaphysical Science, Tao/ Tantra, Author, Speaker, Producer and more. 

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Coming from multiple disciplines, Junique’s career began in the medical arena as a Registered Nurse. As an empath, she was quick to observe that oftentimes mental/emotional suffering was more devastating than physical pain. This reality prompted her to return to school to earn a degree in Psychology, and a post-graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling. From there she ran a successful private practice for almost two decades, working with adults, adolescents and couples. She currently provides tele-sessions for referrals.

From childhood Junique has always been aware of the presence of unseen “forces” or energies that impact us, despite escaping scientific measurement. This led her to a deep dive into all things spiritual and para-psychological. She feels blessed to have had the opportunity to formally study metaphysics in her post-graduate work and has sought and had many life experiences that make her well-initiated in the “woo-woo” world. 

Determined to exercise as many of her aspects as possible, Junique also performed Standup Comedy during her 10 year stint in Manhattan, NY, producing and headlining many shows. You may well see hints of her sense of humor peppered throughout her presentations.

Junique’s current mission is clear: to awaken, stimulate, and educate our MK-Ultra’d/propagandized minds and encourage us to all “hold hands” as we discover the astounding truths long-withheld from us. As she has stated: “We must flex our physical, mental and spiritual muscles in preparation for building New Earth!”

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TikTok: @junique_perspective

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Lisa Rhoads 

With a background in both finance, health technology, Lisa brings her questioning nature to the narrative of the day.

Lisa founded the channel, Question the Narrative, available on Rumble, Telegram and YouTube, to share questions of the day and explore how media and governing bodies shape a narrative which in turn creates our belief system.

Lisa comes from a background of both finance, working in venture capital with early stage innovation, and health technology, where she’s explore a wide range of technologies.  Her experience has shown how financial institutions drive innovation guiding our narrative and shaping the governing systems.
The channel explores themes through the use of questions, sharing information from various sources.  The key point is to raide the question, provide thoughts, references and views, yet, allowing the viewer to determine their view.  The intent, is to share a safe space for raising complex themes from AI to hidden technologies, where you can find information and explore how this shapes your and the collective consciousness.


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Truth Social: @ladyanteros  TikTok: QTN Question the Narrative @user



I'm an Anon.. who Thinks 🤔 and Researches alot.. has some Ideas 💡 that I want to share with Frens.. to help us further Awaken and Manifest our Future..🙏🏻

I have a background in Healing Retreats and Lifepath Consultation.  I envision developing Healing Centers & Hosting Workshops/Retreats and am currently building one called the Harmony Project in the Chihuahua Desert of New Mexico. 

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My life has taken many different turns.  From Wall Street to International Manufacturing and most recently residential real estate development. In retrospect, I’m not surprised that I ended up as an Anon.  From the time I was a little boy, I was always the one asking “why?”, often the “troublemaker” in classes that never made sense and later in life the one in business who would just couldn’t let injustice go.  

Living in a deeply blue area like NYC, things began unraveling after the 2016 election.  Friendships became strained, arguments became the norm and with each passing month, the anger and division grew and the reasoning made less and less sense.  Little did I know back then that it was all being done by design.  Little did I understand that the Country was being torn apart by the most powerful psychological operation in human history.  

Like many, everything came to a head for me in 2020 when the COVID Plandemic was unleashed on the world.  Speaking out against it from day one drove away most of my remaining friends and family and I was left looking for answers, in a very dark place.  It was during this time that I discovered Q and began to understand the legitimacy of the information being disseminated.  

Following the events surrounding the stolen 2020 election and January 6th 2021 protests in DC, I was encouraged to take further action by anonymous members of the Q community.  Seeing how the populous was being intensely brainwashed by the criminal mainstream media, I started ( as a way to anonymously reach my circle of influence with as much truth and red pills as I could find.  As the Q operation has taken hold in a more public way, I’ve found my passion in helping our community navigate the very difficult psychological waters in which we all find ourselves.   I am honored to have been chosen by the Freedom Channel Broadcast to help this wonderful team of humanitarians bring truth and light to the world.

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"As we arise in a new day, we become the light of the way. As we settle in for the night, we become the light of sight." NJH 2023.  

This life has been all about re-discovery of self for me. Just as you, when I was going through it, I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Through much, I always knew I was provided guidance, which brought about the tools needed to get me through every experience. Those tools were self reflection, brutal honesty, and observation. Without these, I would not be who and where I am today. I learned that I had to take full responsibility for every action, response, word, or deed I chose. As I worked daily on improving these very important aspects of self, I began to see the world through a different lense. I built a greater innerstanding which provided me clearer understanding of this world and why it was the way it was. With that innerstanding, Source has provided me a perspective never thought imaginable and I am profoundly grateful for this. I see through to the heart of every matter now and my only hope is to provide the guidance and tools to others so that they may see this with in them as well.

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